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Evaluation Department Policies And Expectations


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English Courses | Grade 11 Media | Writer's Craft

Strands     All English Courses
Literature, Reading & Media 30%
Language Study 20%
Writing  20%
Final Exam  20%

Grade 11 Media

Forms & Audiences - 35%
Creating - 35%
Summative - 10%
Final Exam - 20%

Writer's Craft

Investigating - 40%
Practicing - 30%
Summative - 10%
Final Exam - 20%

Department Policies And Expectations

Writing | Assignments and Tests | Public Speaking | Collaborative and Oral Work | Independent Study Unit | Plagiarism


It is the responsibility of each student to maintain evidence showing facets of the writing process for all writing assignments throughout the entire semester. The writing evaluation consists of 2 components B product and process. Evidence of writing process must be shown in order to quality the final product as polished.

Assignments and Tests

All students are expected to attend all classes and to do all assigned work. If a student is absent for a test or when an assignment is given, it is his/her responsibility to contact the teacher regarding a make-up.

Opportunity will be given to a student to write missed tests unless the absence is unauthorized. It is also the student's responsibility to familiarize him/herself with and make up missed work. Unless otherwise instructed, it is expected that all unfinished work is to be completed as homework.

Major assignments (ex: essays, projects) are expected on the due date. Each school day late will result in a 5 % penalty of marks. No major assignment of this type will be evaluated after the class has received the marked assignments from the teacher. Notwithstanding, students are still expected to hand in all work. A “no mark” as opposed to a zero may be given at the discretion of the teacher.

Extensions will only be considered a) given the seriousness of the circumstance or b) with discussion with the teacher prior to the due date.

Public Speaking

When students give oral presentations to a small group or a whole class, an honest attempt to fulfil the requirement of the given task, will result in a passing grade.

This does not apply in the academic levels.

Collaborative and Oral Work

In order to ensure the success of seminars, debates, group work, etc., it is important that a student take seriously his/her responsibility to a) attend punctually and b) make positive contributions to his/her group and class.

If a student cannot be present for his/her scheduled presentation, he/she should give the teacher advanced notice (in person or by telephone). Failure to meet the above expectations may result in a mark of zero in the given task.

Independent Study Unit

Failure to complete an ISU in any course where it is a major part of the evaluation (i.e. 10 % or more) may result in a credit being withheld.

Plagiarism, n.

"the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work." (Webster's)

Plagiarism is a serious offence and will result in a mark of zero to any student or students involved. Further consequences such as suspension may be imposed by the administration.

Did you know?

Fort Erie Secondary School Department offers a comprehensive range of programmes for all students preparing for university, college or entering employment upon graduation. We are the second largest department in the school with a teaching staff trained in academic English literature studies, media technologies, communications studies, linguistics and special education.
Fort Erie English students share the use of unique facilities in the school including several computer labs which are regularly updated, a media production lab which includes video and photo editing facilities, and various other technologies.

The result?

Consider the range of programs offered at FESS and it is clear that graduates will receive an English education to suit their needs and obtain their goals.

Ontario Schools Secondary Literacy Test for Grade 10(OSSLT)

The After-Hours Literacy Course

The After-Hours Literacy program consists of a 15 hours of instruction and support for students preparing to write the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).
Students are provided with remedial support and practice in the reading and writing skills needed to successfully complete the OSSLT. The program is open to any interested students seeking to improve their readiness for the test and those who need remediation with their literacy skills. The next course will be starting in September 2004 (to prepare for the next test).


The 5-Paragraph Essay
OWL (Purdue Online Writing Lab)
All About Shakespeare
Puzzle Generation
Bulfinch's Mythology
Literary Analysis (read the book first!)