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Five Point Success Plan

  1. Plan Your Day
    • Be on time and prepared to work every day.
    • Bring all necessary equipment, books and materials.
    • Attend all classes.
  2. Plan Your Attire
    • Wear clothes that are clean, neat and in good taste.
    • Leave hats, coats and backpacks in your locker.
  3. Plan Your Work
    • Always be aware of your class responsibilities.
    • Regularly complete your homework and assignments.
  4. Plan Your Attitude
    • Practice respect for yourself, your peers and school staff.
    • Practice courtesy, hard work and positive behaviour.
    • Demonstrate respect for your school building.
  5. Plan Your Tomorrows
    • Become more aware of your ‘self’.
    • Become aware of your strengths and develop them.
    • Become aware of your weaknesses and overcome them.
    • Commit to your education, your school and your goals.